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Dr Anastasia Hronis

Dr Anastasia Hronis


Disabilities | Group Therapy | Addictions


Dr Anastasia Hronis (B Psych Hons, M Clin Psych, AMusA, LMusA, Ph.D) is a clinical psychologist and founder of the Australian Institute for Human Wellness, an organisation dedicated to meeting the growing need for innovation in supporting mental health and wellbeing. Services include individual and group therapy, specialised wellbeing support for performing artists, seminars for workplaces, school based interventions and psychology informed consultancy services. Anastasia also holds the position of Honorary Associate at the University of Technology Sydney, where she provides lectures and research supervision to students in the Master of Clinical Psychology program.

Anastasia has completed her PhD in the area of mental health treatments for children with intellectual disabilities. She continues to conduct research in the areas of disabilities, addictions, gambling and group therapy. She has presented her research at numerous international conferences, and published in top ranking journals. Anastasia is also a classical concert pianist. She has won numerous national and international awards, and has performed multiple times as a soloist at the Sydney Opera House, with her most notable solo performance being at Carnegie Hall, New York.



Adapting Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities

Nearly half of all children and adolescents with an Intellectual Disability (ID) have co-morbid mental health disorders along with elevated rates of both externalising and internalising problem behaviours compared to their typically developing peers, with anxiety reported as the most prevalent mood disorder in young people with ID. The added impact of mental health difficulties on the lives of young people with ID is substantial. Once mental health problems emerge, young people with ID are likely to suffer from them for a long time and significantly impact educational, vocational and social opportunities.

Recent research supports the use of psychological therapies among young people with mild to moderate ID. Despite this, rates of mental illness remain high and access to mental health services is low. One identified barrier to people with ID accessing psychological treatments is the confidence of practitioners in working with this population.

This is a workshop for professionals who work with children and adolescents with ID. The presentation will provide an understanding of how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can be adapted for the unique needs of children and adolescents with ID and used as an effective intervention. In addition, the workshop will provide a better understanding of the components of CBT and how to use the materials in a way that is most clinically relevant for this population.




Using Curative Factors to Enhance Group Therapy

  • One or two day workshop covering:
  • Education about the unique therapeutic factors within groups, regardless of the clinical population or therapy type (this is largely driven by Irvin Yalom's original work in this space);
  • Factors which make for more/less successful groups;
  • Practical strategies to enhance each of the therapeutic factors within groups (i.e. group cohesion, alliance, altruism etc); 
  • Managing challenging situations/clients within the group context which arise in groups (including role plays with attendees).



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