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Rainbow Talk

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Rainbow Talk

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40 Cards for creating respectful conversations with young people and adults about diversity and identity, particularly in relation to gender, sexuality and biological sex.


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Rainbow Talk, a resource for opening up respectful conversations and storytelling about diversity—particularly in relation to gender, sexuality and biological sex. 

Featuring a sentence starter on each card, this beautifully-designed resource encourages young people and adults to talk respectfully about the knowns and unknowns, the ups and downs, the richness, of learning about and expressing who we are.

This includes reflecting on stereotypes, assumptions, language, advantage, disadvantage, social messages, human rights and the law. The cards also invite us to reflect on how our own experiences, attitudes and beliefs have been shaped, how they may have changed, and what our wishes are for the future.

Use Rainbow Talk for LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice and culture-building in:

Senior schools, groups, counselling, social work, family work, youth work, residential care, sporting clubs, youth groups, organisations, training and workshops.


Medium40 laminated colour cards - 140mm x 130mm
AuthorSt Luke’s Innovative Resources