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CBT Essentials with Children and Young People

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The CWP and EMHP Handbook


CBT Essentials with Children and Young People


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As an Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP) or Children's Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP), you have to think on your feet, manage a caseload, deal with emotional distress and try and not get indigestion as you cram down a sandwich on your way to your next session.

This down-to-earth survival guide helps trainees and newly qualified practitioners cope with the stressful demands of these new and challenging roles. Full of case examples and practical tools and strategies, this book will give you the confidence to assess, set goals, and deliver effective interventions for anxiety and depression. It also provides invaluable support on tricky topics such as disclosures of risk and safeguarding issues, working effectively with parents, dealing with resistance and conflict, caring for yourself, and signposting when a situation is outside the remit of your role.


MediumPbk | 272 Pages
AuthorHugh Miller