Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Young People


What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an empirically supported therapeutic approach that draws on behavioural and mindfulness principles to help people make space for painful thoughts and feelings and instead turn their focus towards values.

ACT is rapidly growing in popularity internationally and is being used successfully with people experiencing a range of life challenges including low mood, worries, difficult behaviour, anger, anxiety, and interpersonal or family conflict. 

With a strong emphasis on validation and compassion, ACT helps people accept their emotions rather than struggling against them, how to reconnect with what is really important to them, giving them the tools to help clarify their personal values and take steps towards living a life where those values can guide them in their day-to-day choices and behaviour.

How does ACT work?

Acceptance – Many people avoid thinking about and processing negative emotions. In ACT, acceptance enables negative thoughts to be, without necessarily trying to do anything about them

Cognitive Defusion – This process helps change how we react to thoughts and feelings. When experiencing negative emotions, the goal is to face them and then move on without fixating on them.

Being Present – This is  the mindfulness aspect of ACT - being aware of what is happening in the present moment but without judging it or themselves, or trying to change or predict the outcome.

Self as Context – A person is not just the sum of all their experiences.  It's about how we understands and processes these experiences.

Values – Values are the qualities and goals a person is working towards. In ACT, values reveal what actions needed to be taken rather than dwelling on negative thoughts and feelings.

Commitment to Action – The ultimate goal of ACT is to help patients commit to new actions that will better assist them in achieving their long-term goals by staying true to their values. 

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