Understanding Ruptured Mother-Daughter Relationships

Guiding the Adult Daughter's Healing Journey Through the Estrangement Energy Cycle


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Depending on your client, the goal of therapy may be to repair an estranged relationship with their mother or to finalize parental estrangement and redefine themself. How can clinicians feel prepared to address the possible treatment focus of ruptured maternal relationships in the therapeutic space?

This book focuses on identifying the estrangement cycle for clinical application with adult women clients by mental health professionals. This resource provides clinical tool to address the challenges of estrangement and adjustment needs of these clients within the spheres of personal identity, relationships, and grief and loss in order to promote personal growth and healing in the therapeutic space.

This book engages readers by 1) introducing the estrangement cycle, 2) illustrating different stages of estrangement through client vignettes, and 3) providing practical tools for mental health professionals to offer clients wanting to do therapeutic work around estrangement in a supportive and nonjudgmental space. With this resource, clinicians and clients will feel better equipped with the skills needed to tackle the emotional rollercoaster that is Estrangement Energy.