Solution Focused Leadership

What is Solution Focused Leadership?

The Solution Focused Leadership approach focuses on solutions rather than concentrating on how to solve the problem, meaning your organisation's time and focus is spent on developing action steps towards solutions and your clients' improved outcomes. 

Sounds simple yet too many organisations are driven by focusing on: what is wrong and how to fix it? 

Solution Focused Leadership enhance social power and cooperation to build a culture of strengths based practice.


Problems v Solutions

Organisations are operating in difficult and unfamiliar territory. 

COVID-19 has caused substantial increased pressure in sectors already facing significant challenges.

Demand for mental health services has been accelerated.

How should staff be managed when fear is in the air, confidence is slipping, demand is rising and the road ahead will be rough?

Solution Focused Leadership separates the health inside the team from the challenges outside. 

Attend a Workshop 

Simply and easily integrate Solution Focused Leadership into your existing management and supervision structure.

Create a culture of motivation, focusing on what is working and how to do more of it.

Develop your organisation, leaders and teams into experts in what works.



In-House training available on request


Leadership Quote


Excellent training. Walking away with a lot of practical suggestions. This approach is definitely in line with how I want to be a leader. I am feeling more positive, energised and full of ideas to put into practice.
Occupational Therapist
Great event, lots of fabulous information. A new simple way of doing things that is very effective.
Deputy Principal, Education Department
I really enjoyed the training. Gave me useful exercises and practical tools to back to use with my team. I am walking away from this training with more confidence.
Acting Manager, Family Services
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Got me thinking about my own practice and the way I manage my staff. Will recommend this course.
Manager, OOHC
Great training. Looking forward to developing my staff.
Team Leader, NGO
Having discovered the Solution Focused approach in coaching and organizations nearly a decade ago I was excited to attend Michael’s SFBT training. I learnt more about the origins and nuances of SFBT that have been helpful in my work outside the therapeutic field. Hearing the case studies, speaking with clinicians in the room and seeing the shifts as they experienced the training reinforced for me the power and elegance of the approach. Michael’s experience, expertise and the case examples he uses made this training highly enjoyable and reminded me of how helpful SF is in very tough and complex situations. Thanks Michael 

Jason Pascoe, Director, Growth Coaching International