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Dilip is a Senior Clinical Social Worker at the Alternate Care Clinic (Redbank House, Westmead Hospital) and in private practice as a Psychotherapist. Dilip also practices privately as a trainer and clinical supervisor for individuals and groups. His clinical, leadership and management experience ranges across Child Protection, Out of Home Care, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Violence Abuse and Neglect, Perinatal & Infant Mental Health, and long-term psychotherapy settings. Dilip has a special interest in relational perspectives on understanding human development across the lifespan, specifically with people who have experienced complex developmental trauma in the context of abuse and neglect. He works from a systemic perspective that views the person’s experience as embedded within, and intimately influenced by the relational systems that support them. This systemic and ecological perspective also drives Dilip’s clinical and research interest in understanding and mitigating the impact of trauma exposure on clinical practice. 



"We have all enjoyed the group supervision. Dilip is a wealth of knowledge."

Child and Family Support Manager





Go Deep without Drowning

GO DEEP without DROWNING: Relational Trauma: Beyond Burn Out and Self-Care

Working with clients with relational trauma can impact on practitioners in many ways. Relational trauma requires relational repair. But at what cost to you?  Whilst stories of survival and resilience can inspire us, it is the daily (often unrecognised) exposure to traumatic material and clients coping behaviours which results in gradual and insidious changes in the internal states and world views of practitioners. Good practitioners seek to go deep with clients because they know that is where the healing starts. To do that though you’ve go to be willing to learn how to use and practice therapeutic care with yourself (and your peers/ staff). 


This workshop is for team leaders concerned about staff wellbeing to new graduates wanting to fortify themselves for a long and meaningful career, and all of us in between who have asked ourselves… “why am I doing this?”.


School Leader Mental Health 

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These topics can be presented as keynotes or workshops to practitioners and educators.

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