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Licette Gus, co-founder of Emotion Coaching UK is an Educational Psychologist and Secondary School Teacher with over 20 years’ experience working for government and the private sector across Australia and the United Kingdom (UK).  Licette coordinated the evaluation of the Targeting Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) in the UK. Licette has delivered presentations on Emotion Coaching for national and international conferences as well as Professional Development Events across the UK and has been a guest presenter on the Educational Psychology Professional Training Course at the University of Birmingham and the MA course at Oxford Brookes University.  She has delivered Emotion Coaching training and projects to schools parents and organisations in the UK and internationally. Licette is a registered trainer of the parenting programmes Tuning into Kids and Tuning into Teens, and is a Level 1 Theraplay practitioner. She has researched applying Emotion Coaching in educational settings, written about how to implement Emotion Coaching in Schools and the impact of Emotion Coaching on pupil, staff and family well-being for various publications in the UK. Licette is co-author of Emotion Coaching with Children and Young People in Schools. As a Emotion Coaching Principal Lead she is available for:

- Training in Emotion Coaching to educational, community and professional organisations.

- Project delivery in Emotion Coaching to educational and community settings.

- Key notes and conferences.

- Parenting Support on an individual or group basis.  

- Consultancy on an individual or strategic level.


Amazing day and entertaining too!

Educational Psychologist, Leeds

A great balance between presentation and stories/examples.

Educational Psychologist, Leeds)

Fabulous day, great balance between theory and practical activities and examples.  Can’t wait to have a go!

Educational Psychologist

Really enjoyable training.  Easy to listen to and good pace.  Pitched at the right level for professionals in the room.


Wonderful presentation, enjoyed the fun ways shown to remember the content, enjoyed the accompanying stories.

Secondary Teacher - special school for children & young people with complex communication needs

Really interesting day.  Just what I needed – I feel confident going back to school to work with particular children I have been concerned about before.

Primary School Teacher

Excellent presentation, very accessible, very clear.  Thank you!

Infant Teacher

Thanks so much for your stories, generosity of knowledge and resources, wisdom and experience I’ve loved the training and feel inspired to spread the word.  Best training I’ve done in a long time! Bloody brilliant.

Educational Psychologist

Really enjoyed the training – I feel I’ve got a good initial knowledge and understanding and look forward to taking it forward alongside our relationships-based approaches to pupil wellbeing.

Trainee Educational psychologist

The training is very informative and appropriate and easy to understand materials provided. 

Children and Adults Disabilities Support Team Member

I’ve really loved the positive outlook of this training for children and for my own teaching practice.

Primary Teacher

A fantastic training day thank you.  Very engaging with practical applications to apply straight away.

Primary Teacher

This was the best training I have done.  As well as a deep understanding, I can really see how this will help us to change our practice.

Secondary Teacher -Pupil Referral Unit

An inspiring & informative course.  Excellent engaging delivery.  A pleasure to attend.

Secondary teacher - Pupil Referral Unit

I’ve gained a fantastic overview of EC.  Thanks, Licette for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for this supportive intervention.  This will help me to work more effectively with pupils and support my own parenting skills and well-being. 

Secondary teacher - Pupil Referral Unit

This has been the best training I have had in 18 yrs. of working in education.  Amazing techniques & strategies I will now use forever.  Licette is a fabulous trainer – a realist who understands the restraints of our roles. (

Primary Special Educational Needs Teacher

The presentation wasn’t strained or forced. Like a conversation, it was more thought provoking which is important for parents who are used to being told off about parenting styles and for those who do listen can find it difficult to navigate through often conflicting advice. 


Fantastic day! Lots of examples and stories which helped ground the approach.  Totally makes sense!

Teacher, Behaviour Intervention Team

Complements existing initiatives such as attachment, nurture, language & communication friendly approaches & ASD friendly strategies.

Primary Head Teacher

Fantastic training delivered with incredible energy and enthusiasm. Your ability to present the evidence in a practical and accessible way was exceptional.

Educational Psychologist

These were the best 2 days training Licette. Your style of presenting is fantastic with a diverse mix of presentation activities. It was so informative and so relevant to our work as EPs. Thank you so much!

Educational Psychologist

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