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Australia's Leading Solution Focused Trainer

Michael Durrant is Australia's leading international trainer of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. He a psychologist and director of the Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney, Founding President of the Australasian Association for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, an Honorary Associate in the Faculty of Education and Social Work - University of Sydney, and a visiting faculty to the Special Education Program - Fontys University, The Netherlands. He has published four books (including Creative Strategies in Schools) and numerous articles, and is particularly known for the application of Solution-Focused interventions in school and mental health contexts.

Inspirational and charismatic, Michael’s vast knowledge in this area, when combined with his interactive and engaging teaching style and thoughtful use of case study material, mean that these seminars will be extremely useful for anyone working, teaching or supporting clients.



"Positive, practical, excellently presented. I'll take away some valuable workable ideas"

School Counsellor

"This is an excellent seminar - one of the best I have ever been to. Michael is an amazing presenter"


"Excellent seminar. Well presented. Highly motivating"

Clinical Psychologist CAMHS

"I have since tried some of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy strategies and found them fantastic. Thanks for a very enlightening presentation. You have certainly had a huge impact on my work with young people. I look forward to further contact"

School Counsellor

'Thank you Michael for such a practical, positive and valuable day. I can see it all working. It's real. Brings together previous successes but then adds so much. The real examples and the repetition were really helpful. I feel hopeful. I feel Inspired'


"I enjoyed Michael Durrant's course tremendously. Great information and great presenter"

Guidance Officer

"Fantastic workshop - practical, relevant and incredibly useful for my work both as a school counsellor/anger management counsellor. would love to do more training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy"

Counsellor/ Teacher

"Michael was excellent to listen to, very motivating and his clinical examples helped with processing the theory to everyday practice"

Registered Psychologist

"Thoroughly enjoyed listening - has given me a totally different focus when working with students. Would love to hear more from Michael"

Guidance Officer


Solution Focused Brief Therapy

SOLUTION FOCUSED BRIEF THERAPY: A Two Day Comprehensive Introduction 

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) offers professionals an efficient, user-friendly and research-supported approach that is responsive to the practical realities of working with young people and adults. The role of counsellors, and other professionals rests largely on the ability to interact with people in ways that emphasises individuals’ strengths/ resources, identifies possible solutions and supports movement to change.

With an emphasis on “what works”, SFBT focuses on the reality that change is the name of the game. It's used with clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, disruptive behaviours and a host of other emotional and well-being issues. This popular workshop offers a thorough overview of the approach and covers cases from substance abuse, trauma, mental health, child and adolescent difficulties. 

This 'flag-ship' workshop has been the introduction to Solution Focus Practice for many of the Australia's leading practitioners. Comprehensive, thought-provoking and inspiring many participants can't wait to get back to their workplace to practice.

SOLUTION FOCUSED SUPERVISION: Building Strengths, Developing Competencies

This course explores the implications of solution-focused thinking for managing and supervising staff by looking at how to use the same philosophy and process within social services. This 2 day training will explore how a strengths based philosophy can be extended into and utilised by those in supervisory roles to provide focused supervision that not only leads to better and safer practice, but also improves job satisfaction and agency culture as a result. It will provide supervisors with systematic, effective, user-friendly tools for helping those whom they supervise harness strengths and use these to build increased confidence and competence. 

POSITIVE SCHOOLS: How to get students to take responsibility for change

When classrooms and schools, focus on what students are doing wrong the opportunity for change gets lost in the negative effects of the “blame game” as students disengage and staff feel frustrated. Working with students/staff with "strengths-based" or “solution-focused” principles, has real impact on the "climate" of the school and has measurable effects in terms of academic performance, discipline, truancy and staff morale, as students and staff begin their own change process by noticing when a problem does not occur rather than focusing on the problem or what caused it. 

POST TRAUMATIC SUCCESS: Solution-Focused Approaches for Trauma, Loss and Grief

This workshop focuses on adolescents and adults who have experienced sexual abuse, violence, natural disaster and other kinds of trauma and who present with difficulties of guilt, depression, poor self-esteem, relationship problems, etc. It offers a practical framework for therapy derived from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), the strengths perspective, positive psychology and resilience research. The course includes practical exercises that can be used with individuals or groups that assist in identifying, strengthening and harnessing personal strengths and resources in the wake of traumatic events. For professionals working with trauma, loss and grief, this workshop offers practical direction, new skills and optimistic viewpoints for assisting people struggling with their traumatic past.

These topics can be delivered as a keynote or workshop (one or two days)

and can be tailored to your audience (practitioners, educators, parents).

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Research Evidence


MacDonald "an average of 3-5 sessions”, based on data collected on over 5000 cases.

There are now over 32 published research studies in solution focused brief therapy which show successful outcomes in 65 - 83% of cases. The highest satisfaction ratings come from clients themselves. Some of the research studies relate to very serious mental health problems, drug and alcohol use, criminal behaviour and domestic violence.

Please visit BRIEF UK for more research evidence

With thanks to BRIEF and Dr Alasdair Macdonald for their help in compiling this summary of outcome studies.

— Macdonald, A. (2014)., Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy 1(1): 79 at "A personal view - Solution-Focused Therapy..."