Working with children, young people, families and carers affected by relational trauma and attachment difficulties

This engaging workshop is focused on furthering our understanding about how relational and developmental trauma impacts a child’s way of doing relationships, being in relationships, and what they should expect from relationships. Beyond theory and concepts, this workshop offers numerous practical and applicable tools and strategies for supporting adults, parents and carers to therapeutically re-parent and connect with children who have been hurt. With the hope of creating healing and reparative relationships. This workshop focused on those children who have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse, and relational poverty/disruption including those in foster, residential, and kinship care.

This eclectic workshop draws on ideas from Dyadic Developmental Practice, sensory integration and processing ideas, narrative practice, and many more including some creative and expressive ideas. These days will use a range of metaphors, props, video clips, experiential learning, and case studies to bring the contents alive. And we will explore some powerful exercises to connect with how relational and developmental trauma may show itself in children including using a multi-sensory experiential activity, the parenting patchwork, the metaphor of shark-infested waters, and many others.

We will also consider some of the key therapeutic ways of being; as well as explore different ways of enriching and having more meaningful conversations, identifying and expressing a range of feelings, and increasing playful and hopeful moments. This workshop also acknowledges how hard therapeutic re-parenting can be and how crucial parent and carer wellbeing is. Even more so in the context of secondary and vicarious trauma.

This workshop draws on tools and ideas from Dr Treisman’s bestselling therapeutic treasure box range including Cleo the CrocodileThe Trauma Treasure DeckThe Parenting Patchwork, and The Treasure Box for Working with Developmental Trauma.

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DR KAREN TREISMAN: Supporting, Enriching and Nurturing Carer-Child Relationships

  • 22 Jul 2024 (9:00 am) to 23 Jul 2024 (4:00 pm)
  • Aloft Perth, 27 Rowe Avenue, The Springs, Perth, WA, 6103

Therapeutic Re-parenting for Children who have Experienced Relational and Developmental Trauma

DR KAREN TREISMAN: Supporting, Enriching and Nurturing Carer-Child Relationships

  • 25 Jul 2024 (9:00 am) to 26 Jul 2024 (4:00 pm)
  • Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne, 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Therapeutic Re-parenting for Children who have Experienced Relational and Developmental Trauma

DR KAREN TREISMAN: Supporting, Enriching and Nurturing Carer-Child Relationships

  • 29 Jul 2024 (9:00 am) to 30 Jul 2024 (4:00 pm)
  • SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Therapeutic Re-parenting for Children who have Experienced Relational and Developmental Trauma

DR KAREN TREISMAN: Supporting, Enriching and Nurturing Carer-Child Relationships

  • 1 Aug 2024 (9:00 am) to 2 Aug 2024 (4:00 pm)
  • Victoria Park Golf Course, 309 Herston Rd, Herston, QLD, 4006

Therapeutic Re-parenting for Children who have Experienced Relational and Developmental Trauma

Dr Karen Triesman

Presented by: Dr Karen Treisman is a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the National Health System and children’s services for several years. Karen has also worked cross-culturally in both Africa and Asia with groups ranging from former child soldiers to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. She also is the author of 10 books, including the bestselling book, “The Therapeutic Treasure Box”, 4 sets of therapeutic card decks, and 6 therapeutic soft cuddly toys.

Karen has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, parenting, adversity (ACE’s) and attachment, and works clinically using a range of therapeutic approaches with families, systems, and children in or on the edge of care, unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people, and adopted children. Karen also specialises in supporting organisations and systems to move towards becoming, and to sustain adversity, culturally and, trauma-informed, infused, and responsive practice. This work focuses on creating meaningful and multi-layered cultural and paradigm shift across whole systems. This was the focus of Dr Treisman’s Winston Churchill Fellowship Karen was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship Travel Award which involved visited several places in the USA to further study whole system and organisational approaches to trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care and this topic is the focus of Dr Treisman’s newly released book entitled “A Treasure Box for Creating Trauma-Informed Organizations: A Ready-to-Use Resource For Trauma, Adversity, and Culturally Informed, Infused and Responsive Systems”.

Karen is an external consultant, trainer, speaker, and assessor to a variety of local authorities and organisations including Barnardos, PAC-UK, AdoptionPlus, BAAT, Pause, Action Trauma, Grandparents Plus, Three Steps Ireland, MedicaCPD, and the Fostering Network. Karen is also an expert witness and regularly undergoes a variety of assessments for court. Additionally, Karen is also a reviewer for the Journal of Adoption and Fostering.

Karen was also awarded the 2018 Psychology Professional of the Year Award for Excellence in Attachment and Trauma; and Youth Psychology Professional of the Year 2020. Karen was also awarded an MBE (Queens Honour list 2020).

“I am a trauma geek. I have been to conferences by Bessel Van Der Kolk, Bruce Perry, Pete Levine, Gabor Mate and so many other phenomenal trauma leaders and inspirers. All have shaped me and been amazing but for me Karen is it. She is the most passionate, down to earth, real presenter i have seen. Her energy is off the scale. Her generosity. Her spirit. Her humility. Her ability to connect. She often says it is all about modelling the model and quotes Maya Angelou about how you make people feel, and OMG does she do this is spades. I sound like a super fan because I am. I have now been to 15 of Karen’s all day events and each time am left inspired, in awe, fed, richer, and full with ideas and wanting more. Thank you” 

Social worker and family therapist


"Dr. Karen Treisman is a sensitive, knowledgeable, creative clinician and teacher. She is an artist who is able to integrate two distinctly different ways of knowing, given our divided brains, and in doing so produces tools that are easy to understand and easy to use". (Sandra L. Bloom, M.D., Associate Professor, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University)

“There is no one like Karen. In my view, she is second to none. She is a fountain of all knowledge, and it just flows like gold out of her, and what it so evident is that she loves what she does. Even better is that she herself is always calm, thoughtful, and regulated which makes for a great training experience”. (Social work manager)

“Karen is magic. I honestly think that all prisons, social services, the NHS, and the government need this training. She has a way of communicating complex information in the most engaging, accessible, and down to earth way. Her energy is electric and she is so generous with her knowledge.  Her ability to connect with people at all levels is second to none. We had 5 days of training and everyone wants more, which is not normally people’s reaction, especially virtually”. (CEO)

“I know it sounds cheesy but I feel forever changed, there were so many sparkle moments and switches that went on. Karen is so lovely and down to earth. She makes learning fun and the whole group said how nurtured and safe we felt. She really does model the model. The power of language workshop was so brilliant, that I have signed up for several more. Really inspiring, accessible, and real-world. I could listen to her for hours. What I also liked was how she was very tentative and mindful of differing views, and she is not married to one model, so draws on lots of different ideas and approaches- so it feels really rich” (Social worker and Psychotherapist)

“Karen has the x factor- I don’t know how she does it- but she is a voice of hope, inspiration, and encouragement. She has a way with words that makes people get it. She can talk to our trustees, our parents, our carers, our frontline workers, our HR department and find a way to explain things in a way that they get and feel heard and understood. She goes above and beyond and despite being one of the busiest people I know she seems to always make time and make everyone feel like they are her priority. Karen talks about modelling the model and boy does she do that”. (Charity CEO).

“Karen did training for us on trauma informed physical environments and then came and visited and went into detail about each room and space. She made realistic suggestions within our budget, was so thoughtful, affirming, and we were blown away by her knowledge, way of applying science in a simple to understand and results have been astonishing. Our space feels transformed and the feedback been incredible. We then had some more consultations around our policies and website and again we thought we were doing a great job but Karen’s eyes and minds spotted so many areas for change- there were tweaks but made a huge difference and we feel has been invaluable. Next up we are working with Karen to look at our supervision structure and team meetings and without doubt know this too will be second to none.” (Team manager, Residential home).

“Karen trained our team for 5 days 3 years ago and its unbelievable the lessons, the language, the way of thinking has still stuck years later- we really feel changed and shaped by it. Yes we have had refresher sessions and a continued relationship which Karen describes as layering and embedding; but the difference and ball that was started from those days is immense. Several of our time would say life changing personally and professionally- yes it cost more than a twilight session or a 1 day but worth every penny and more- invaluable”. (Team manager for a fostering agency).

“Training often is dull, repetitive, and a bit so what. Also is often delivered as a lecture or by people who preach but don’t practice, or people who are trainers but not practitioners. But Karen is the opposite. She is so energetic, dynamic, and buzzy. She exudes every word and actually gets it. She talks with people and takes people on a journey. She is actually a clinician and so has been there and is there and gets it- her stories and examples are so relatable and powerful. Her suggestions take into account the real world and we leave every time with actual tangible tools and solutions as well as reflection and food for thought- We are Karen fans in our LA and wish we could have all our training with her” (Social Worker and Development Lead).

“I attended Karen’s behaviour is communication workshop and the power of language training and my goodness every teacher and every school and every parent needs to hear this. No words to say how helpful, important, and moving. The way she used stories, real world examples, jokes etc just means it is so much easier to listen and to absorb the information- I feel I am forever changed” (Teacher).

“Thank you for travelling all of the way to NZ. We need you. The training was stunning!!! You are a gift to the world. The presentation was uplifting, beautiful, engaging, inspirational, creative, intuitive, well-paced, thoughtful, and so much more. Your resources are second to none. I feel refreshed, excited, and inspired. Thank you- come again!!” (Family Therapist NZ)

“This training of the therapeutic treasure box blew me away. My only criticism is that it should be a year long. The days flew by and each one was useful, interesting, fun, playful, and exceptional. Dr Treisman is so real, human, down to earth, and generous with her time; yet unbelievably knowledgeable, passionate, inspiring, engaging, and skilled. I also so appreciated her cross-cultural experience and her sensitivity to different cultures and their needs throughout- I have bought all the resources and am living in hope that Karen will come back to NZ again soon!!”. (Social Worker, NZ).

“We had a series of team consults with Karen about embedding ideas of trauma-informed practice into some of our procedures like our disciplinary process, our child protection conference meetings, and our process around the removal of children. We have been working on these for 6 plus months with regular meetings and we all said we got more from the 2 hour consult than that whole time. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. So helpful, practical, concise, human, grounded in theory, multi-modal and much. So grateful and we are already seeing the fruits of our labor. Can’t wait for our next consults on creating more trauma informed care plans and transformed our family time (contact) centres to be more trauma informed” (Social care manager).

“I have read Karen’s children’s books so wasn’t sure if the training would be boring or repetitive but boy was I wrong. It was amazing! I literally did not want it to end. It is rare that I can stay so focused and for someone to hold my attention. The tools were what I had read, but the way they were explained, bought alive, and enriched as Karen would say, was beautiful and incredibly skilful. It was a masterclass of how to make people feel and present. It is the small things that melted me, like how she says bless you to everyone and anyone who sneezes, how she is there to hug anyone who needs one, and how she makes sure the tables are decorated to make everyone feel nurtured. She is very real, she swears, she admits that she gets it wrong, she is open to other people’s ideas and input. I feel refreshed, refuelled, and inspired. I also truly think every parent, therapist, educator, etc etc etc need to have access to the resources like Presley, Gilly, Cleo, Neon, and Binnie. On a side point, I also loved her experience of working in Africa and how she brings those stories and different cultural perspectives in”. (Social Worker, Parent, Grandparent, and Head Teacher)

“When I heard I had to go on a 3 day long training about trauma, I was not impressed. Especially as a manager in a corporate role that doesn’t really work on the frontline. But it was made clear that this was our organisation’s ambition and direction of travel… Well what can I say. This was the best 3 day event I have been through, and I am a total convert. I do not know and can’t comprehend how Karen kept as our engaged and captivated for all 3 days but she did. The pace, her knowledge, the level of info, the energy, the feeling was on point. We first started on learning about trauma on an individual level, then went onto our own wellbeing as staff and about organisation trauma; and then went on to talk about ways of moving towards becoming more adversity, culturally, and trauma-informed and responsive. It really was a journey and all fit together. I have never felt so connected to people in my organisation or to our shared mission. The atmosphere was amazing and it felt like a movement- I really feel this will have lasting effects on us and on our organisation; although I know this is just our first step with Karen and she is offering us lots of ongoing support and consultation. One last thing to add- this surprisingly, and hard at times, truly has and will impact me as a person, my own history and experiences, and my role as a parent, as well as a manager. Thank you”. (A senior corporate leader at a children’s charity).

“I have been on many training courses in my career but this was the best ever by a long shot!! Karen’s knowledge and delivery is superb. I am deeply inspired and grateful”.(Children’s worker)

“This 7 day course has been transformational in the way I speak, in the way I will practice, and in the way I am. It has changed my professional internal working model. It has been unbelievable in so many ways, and unless people experience it they will think I am exaggerating, just they wait- genuinely thank you” (Social Worker)

“The best training I have been to in 30 years! Working in a trauma informed way. Being able to remain the rainbow in the storm! Thank you so much, this was amazing in view of the way it was organised, delivered and also Dr Treisman’s level of knowledge and expertise, there is so much for us to learn. I would love to do more. I truly hope that more practitioners will have an opportunity to learn about the impact of trauma on a child and how to best support them and their carers”. (Social Worker)

“In the top 2 professional development trainings I’ve ever attended in my whole career. Real tools, sensitive inspiration, sharpened understanding. Thank you so much for helping us to care deeper and work better” (School Counsellor, USA)

“Love love love the 2 day training by Dr Karen Treisman. It is not the first time I been in the presence of this woman but I learned so so so much, which was unexpected and a needed surprise. Her approach is like no other; she truly explores trauma and the work from so many angles, and in such a real and easy to understand way. This course will undoubtedly help my practice and my own parenting! It is the first time in a long time I have felt energised and excited about the work. She is so down to earth and there is no waffling- what she packs in into a short amount of time is amazing. We all felt so engaged and she even made talking about trauma fun and lighthearted, the balloons and puppets helped:) Thank you Dr T”(Family Support Practitioner).

“We were hooked from her first sentence to her last over a whole 2 days! There was so many lightbulb moments. Her style is exceptional and her passion and experience oozes out. She speaks a lot about concepts like serve and return and being attuned and responsive, and modelling the model; and wow she certainly did this. The team were buzzing after her visit and we can’t wait to have her back to Ireland” (Manager of a residential home)

Dr. Karen Treisman was very enthusiastic, amazing, and inspirational. She made the day so fun and interactive. Although the days were quite long with a lot of material to cover, the days just flew by. The best training I’ve attended in a long time. (Drug and Alcohol Worker)

“Karen was a fantastic trainer, such a breath of fresh air. Passionate about the topic, ridiculously knowledgable, very caring, and a wealth of experience to share. I hope that we can take forward what has been learned and that it filters out to all areas of practice with families. I feel it should be mandatory training. Topic of trauma and abuse was heavy but Karen really looked after everyone, and paced it and led it so well”. (Social Worker)

“This was the most inspiring and energetic day I have ever been to. It made me excited about the work which I will be doing, and invested in understanding trauma more. Nothing short of amazing” (Social worker in training)

“Great trainer and informative! This wonderful piece of training that went over and above. Really well paced and full of interaction and practical strategies but very much grounded in theory. The trainer made it all relevant to each and every person and to daily lives. She is a gem and extraordinary. Thank you Dr Karen and to all those that organised this”. (Social Worker)

“I have heard the attachment and trauma theory many times before, however, the way Karen presented it and the examples she used was by far the best I have seen. Hands down 6 stars!!! This was an excellent package which should be for everyone who is living with or supporting children who have experienced trauma” (Kinship carer and support worker)

“What a truly wonderful opportunity we had to learn so much about ourselves and the way in which we can work to understand and support relational and developmental trauma. There is so much more to learn and understand. I feel privileged to have been a part of these two days and wish we could have had longer. I feel inspired and motivated to embed as much as possible into my practice. If there are any further opportunities to learn more I would definitely take them. Thank you so very much!” (Social Worker)

“Trainer was superb – engaging and dynamic. Dealt with a difficult topic in a sensitive and considered way so that people were able to manage the content. Exercises and practical team sessions were fun and interesting. She used questions in a brilliant yet thoughtful and probing way. One of the best trainers and sessions I have had the privilege of attending”. (Social Worker)

“I recently attended a day workshop on supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people with Safe Hands and Thinking Minds, and I was absolutely blown away. The passion, knowledge, energy, and creativity the presenter used was unbelievable and inspiring. I honestly would go as far as saying the whole nation, especially in current times, needs this training. She used everything from poems, to art, to masks, to puppets, to the latest evidence-base, to case studies- was action-packed and such value- thank you”. (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)

“Karen was a fantastic trainer. Her delivery was paced well, she was incredibly knowledgeable on the subject which she is obviously so passionate about, she practices as she preaches and gave lots of examples from her own personal life. She made it so interesting that even though it was a long day and a difficult subject it was not a struggle. She was so enlightening and it was refreshing that she used PowerPoint mainly to show pictures rather than just reading from slides. It would be great if … would invest in some of her resources for us to use with young people”. (Local Authority Worker)

“A phenomenal day, packed with inspiring and take-home ideas, theory, but done in an engaging and accessible way, and moving case studies. I easily trail off in trainings but honestly in this one was hooked and could have listened for much longer” (Designated teacher)

“This was one of the most amazing courses I have ever attended and the information gained will stay with me for a lifetime and no doubt change the lives of many people. All praise to Karen and those who organised it, this was much more than an average training course”(Unknown)

“As a kinship carer we often feel alone, ignored, and misunderstood. The event through GrandparentsPlus was the complete opposite. It felt so nurturing, fun, inclusive, and validating. It was amazing to be in the room with so many like-minded people. The day was a rollercoaster of emotions, and yet the whole time I felt supported and held. I found the day profound and eye-opening. My only regret is that I wish I would have had this at the beginning of my journey”. (Kinship carer, grandparent, and teacher)

“Karen is the real deal- she gets the work, is a front line practitioner, and truly cares. She has an amazing library of knowledge, and somehow manages to communicate that is a very down-to-earth, human, and meaningful way” (Team manager)

“An unbelievably moving, inspiring, and powerful workshop- left with so many ideas to improve my practice. The delivery was amongst the best I have ever seen- thank you!” (Supervising social worker and adoptive parent)

“Dr Treisman is one of the most passionate and energetic speakers I have had the pleasure of seeing, the whole room was buzzing. She clearly loves what she does, and it shows, we all nicknamed her the dancing psychologist” (Social worker)

“This day once again was the opposite of death by powerpoint. It was so well paced and animated. I found the use of pictures and metaphors brilliant. They really stuck and resonated. We have had Karen to our team 3 times, and each time is so valuable, worthwhile, energetic, and informative. I really feel she gets us to think and her ideas and ways she talks have shaped interventions and our practice directly” (Social work manager)

“As I was an asylum-seeker myself I was sceptical about a session on fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking kids, but I must say I was blown away with the sensitivity, knowledge, and passion which was shown. I wish all foster carers would have this training!”(Foster carer)

 “Karen managed to take really difficult subjects and make them sound manageable and interesting. I not only left with some food for thought, but I also left with actual practical tools which I could try with my child. I can’t wait for her book to be out!” (Adoptive parent)

“Dr Treisman bought the topic alive, she used so many cool resources like puppets and masks; she even somehow made brain science seem interesting and accessible” (Residential worker).

“Karen is a true warm and kind therapist, I honestly felt I could have listened to her for days. As a teacher we rarely get to think on that level about the children we support. This was eye opening, refreshing and extremely informative day” (Teacher).

“The day I attended on strengths and resilience was nothing short of amazing, I am so used to hearing about the doom and gloom of trauma, so to have someone show us the other side of the coin felt special. There was one exercise where there was hardly a dry eye in the house, in a good way” (Supervising social worker”)

“Dr Treisman went above and beyond, she presented to our team on the impact of parental mental health. She spent her breaks and lunch break answering questions and being interested in us and our work, and then post the training sent an abundance of papers and useful handouts- I cannot recommend her highly enough” (Independent Reviewing Officer)

“Karen used so many different techniques from small group discussions, to physical exercises, to creative stuff. She even showed us a range of video clips, and a role play- in another life she should have been a teacher” (Head teacher)