DBT Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Working with Teens

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Skills and exercises for working with clients with borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety and other emotional sensitivities


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This fun and engaging activity book helps to teach teens to manage emotions and develop relationships by tracking their progress using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) techniques. DBT is specifically designed for emotionally sensitive young people, especially those with borderline personality disorder, and the activities in this book will help regulate strong emotional responses which can lead to impulsivity, unstable relationships, low self-image and reactive emotions.

It is a concise and easy-to-read resource, accompanied by vignettes and activity sheets. It presents an overview of the four modules of DBT: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. These skills used in these modules can be logged and monitored through the tick lists and diary cards provided. These practical tools and ideas are reproducible, and will be invaluable for anyone working with teens.


MediumPbk | 200 pages
Author Carol Lozier


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