Presley the Pug and the Tranquil Teepee

A Story to Help Kids Relax and Self-Regulate


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Like all dogs, Presley the Pug loves to play, run, and snuggle up under his warm blanket. But sometimes, Presley struggles with big feelings like anger, stress, and worry and it can be tricky to find ways to be calm. What can Presley do when he feels like this? Luckily Presley's canine friends are nearby with some wise words and share some of the relaxation tricks that have worked for them!

This story will help children aged 5-10 to learn about relaxation and how to regulate your feelings. It describes how to create imaginary safe spaces to help you to cope with big feelings and to find an inner sense of calm.


MediumPbk | 48 Pages
AuthorDr Karen Treisman


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