Strength Cards® Unlimited

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A tool that expands the notion of what a strength can be


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Encouraging people to identify strengths is an important step in helping them realise they do have resources to draw on.

Strength Cards® Unlimited expands the notion of what a strength is, enabling us to talk about strengths in different ways.

Strengths can be more than personal qualities and Strength Cards® Unlimited is the resource for enabling conversations about different types of strengths, including resources, skills, relationships and experiences.

Strength Cards® Unlimited can help create new ways of thinking about strengths and encourage sustainable change. The 40 visually-engaging cards are perfect for having conversations about the vast range of strengths people can draw on to overcome challenges, reconnect with others and create a more optimistic picture of the future. A booklet is provided to offer helpful suggestions on how to spark life-changing conversations about strengths.

Strength Cards® Unlimited are perfect for social workers, psychologists, teachers, counsellors and parents for use with adults and young people in one-on-one or group settings.


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