The A-Z Guide to Exposure

Creative ERP Activities for 75 Childhood Fears


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The art of exposure lies in perfectly pitched challenges. Get them wrong and nothing changes. Get them right and you set an anxious child free. This practical resource guide contains 75 creative, user-friendly lists of exposure activities appropriate for 5-12-year olds struggling with anxiety. Entries cover a wide range of fears and concerns, such as Clowns, Making Mistakes, Picky Eating, Separation Anxiety, and Vomiting.An essential addition to the therapeutic toolbox of practitioners using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), this A-Z guide combines evidence-based guidance with inventive, engaging, actionable activities for an extensive list of childhood fears and concerns.

Introduction A-Z Guide A Addiction, Airplanes, Alarms, Alcohol/Alcoholism, Aliens, Alone, Animals, Ants, Apologies, Asymmetry, Attic B Bad Guys, Baddies (fictional), Baddies (real life), Balloons, Basement, Bathroom, Bees, Birds, Blood, Boats, Books, Bowel Movements, Bugs, Buttons C Cars, Cats, Cellar, Change in Plans, Characters, Cheating, Checking, Choices, Choking, Cigarettes, Cities, Clothing, Clowns, Confined Spaces, Contaminated Object, Costumed Characters D Dangerous Animals, Dark, Death, Decisions, Defecating, Differentness, Dirt/Dirty, Disability, Divorce, Dizziness, Doctors, Dogs, Dolls, Downstairs, Drugs E Earthquakes, Eating, Elevators, Embarrassment, Emotions, Errors, Escalators F Failure, Fainting, Feces, Feelings, Fire, Flaws, Floods, Flying, Food, Frogs, Furniture G Gagging, Germs, Getting Rid of Things, Ghosts, Going Upstairs or Downstairs Alone, Growing Up H Halloween, Harm, Health, Heights, Hoarding, Hornets, Household Pets, Hurricanes, Hurting Oneself or Others I Illness, Imperfection, Insects, Interruption, Intruders, Intrusive Thoughts J Jabs, Just Right Feeling K Kidnappers, Killing, Knives L Lateness, Lightning, Losing, Lying (inadvertent) M Making Decisions, Mascots, Masks, Media, Medical Procedures, Medicine, Mistakes, Monsters, Motion Sickness, Movies N Natural Disasters, Navigating Home Alone, Needles, New Experiences, Night, No, Noises, Numbers, Nurses O Ocean, Older People, Open Spaces, Over-wiping P Panic, People, Perfectionism, Pet Escaping, Pets, Picky Eating, Pills, Poop/Pooping, Potty Seat, Puberty, Public Speaking Q Qualifiers, Questions R Rain, Reassurance-Seeking, Religious Thoughts, Repeating, Re-Reading S Safety, Santa, School, Separation Anxiety, Sex, Sharks, Sickness, Sleeping Alone, Small Spaces, Snakes, Social Anxiety, Speaking, Spiders, Stains, Stinging Insects, Storms, Strangers, Suicide, Surrounded, Swallowing, Swimming, Symmetry T Talking, Teenagers, Terrorists, Tests, Throwing Up, Thunder, Tight Spaces, Timed Activities, Toads, Toileting, Tornadoes, Traveling, Treatment Avoidance, Triggering Words or Phrases, Trying New Things U Uncertainty, Unfairness, Unhealthy Foods, Upstairs, Urban Legends, Urinating, V Vacuum Cleaner, Vampires, Vegetables, Villains, Vomiting W Wasps, Water Immersion, Weather, Wiping, Witches, Words and Phrases X X-rays Y Yes, Yacking, Yellowjackets Z Zombies About the Authors


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