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TrainerDr Kate Owen (AUS)
CPD Hrs7
IncludesCatering, handbook, card set & CPD certificate

Creating safety to enhance well-being in practitioners, clients and mentally healthy workplaces

This one-day workshop is designed to assist individuals in the mental health and related helping fields in acquiring techniques to create safety, mitigate stress and combat burnout. The workshop places emphasis on delivering practical strategies that professionals can implement while on shift, with coworkers, and in their personal lives. Furthermore, all techniques taught are highly effective therapeutic approaches that can be applied when working with clients in a therapeutic setting. 

Establishing a sense of safety is a fundamental necessity for any practitioner, helper or organisation offering mental health support to individuals dealing with stress, trauma, shame and other susceptibilities. The workshop provides an integrative, holistic, and trauma-conscious approach to assist practitioners in proactively embedding sustainable self-care practices that align with the person-practitioner-work environment. It tackles the essential requirements that practitioners, helpers, and organisations have regarding mentally healthy workplaces and its connection to resilience and long-term effectiveness amidst daily encounters with trauma-inducing circumstances, thereby minimising the impact of psychosocial hazards, compassion fatigue and burnout.

Keep Calm card set

Includes a set of Keep Calm Cards

Valued at $49.99

Carefully Selected Strategies to Help with Stress and Anxiety for All Ages.

Helpful for people who experience anxiety, worry or stress.

Easily accessible strategies that you can teach in session & clients can use in their everyday life.

Help take control of anxiety & stress by guided easy step-by-step instructions.

Designed for ease of use, cards are colour coded for a quick reference for choosing strategies that soothe the body and ease the mind.

In line with the contemporary practice of an integrative approach to supporting clients, the workshop integrates ideas and activities from several frameworks to provide a rich variety of strategies to suit the unique needs of each client, professional, and organisation.  Based on Interpersonal Neurobiology, Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Practice, the workshop covers:

  • Understand dysregulation with an appreciation of mechanisms that occur within the brain and autonomic nervous system.

  • How dysregulation translates into therapeutic practice.

  • Understand how stress and reactivity are contagious with clinical implications and contagion effects on teams and family life.

  • Defining stress, burnout, and vicarious trauma.

  • Tools to screen for burnout and vicarious trauma.

  • Strong knowledge base component and focus on practicing strategies to build a personalised toolkit that can be used immediately.

  • Strategies to sustain professionals in their practice as well as developing a toolkit for therapeutic practice:

    • Global strategies to incorporate into everyday life.

    • Strategies to use in the here and now for immediate regulation.

    • Strategies to support co-workers.

Audience: This workshop is for all practitioners, helping professionals and organisations exposed to the effects of stress and secondary trauma. It provides a portfolio of skills that supports emotion regulation and recovery from secondary trauma exposure and also that enhances the experience of the helping encounter. This workshop is appropriate for any environment that involves mental health support: hospital, community, school, community, residential programs, home etc. Therefore, the content is well-suited for clinicians, counsellors, educators, and other professionals in the helping field.

This workshop is designed to equip managers and supervisors with practical tools to facilitate positive steps towards a mentally healthy workplace.

Presenter: Dr Kate Owen from the Queensland Institute of Family Therapy is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Family Therapist with 20 years experience working in mental health.  Kate provides comprehensive services to adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Kate has a background in Child and Youth Mental Health Services, staff member of The University of Queensland Masters of Mental Health (Family Therapy) degree and has been in private practice since 2010. In addition to her clinical services, Kate provides supervision to individuals and organisations, and facilitates training across Australia. She is the author of the popular Keep Calm card set..


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