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CPD Hrs19.5
TrainerAlison Saxton (AUS)
IncludesCatering, handbook and certificate
Pre-requisiteTHERAPLAY: Level One & MIM (rec min 6 mths prior)


Registrants should have attended Level One, and have experience using Theraplay in their work before attending this training.

The training will include lots of practice and a wide range of video examples. Each day will include at least one case presentation to enhance your learning experience.  Making a case presentation is not required, but is an option if you would like to receive supervision.

Participants will practice Theraplay modifications for trauma, along with developing and practicing a treatment plan for traumatised clients.

Day 1: Core Concepts In-Depth and MIM Skill Development

This module will focus on several examples of MIMs and their interpretation to improve your comfort and skill in administering and interpreting this assessment.

  • In-depth application of the core concepts of Theraplay and current relevant research to case material 
  • Marschak Interaction Method (MIM) by Dimension: an in-depth analysis using case examples
  • Observation and analysis of MIM using case material
  • The Parent feedback session: preparation and implementation to enhance the therapeutic relationship with caregivers

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the underlying principles of Theraplay, a modality of play therapy, and their relationship to current attachment and brain research
  • Administer and analyze the MIM at an intermediate skill level
  • Develop skills in the use of the MIM for treatment planning
  • Describe how to use feedback sessions with parents to transmit a sense of hopefulness and trust

Day 2: Working with Parents and Building Your Theraplay Skills

This module will help improve the breadth of your Theraplay skill set to bring your Theraplay work to a higher skill level.

  • Assessment of complex parents using case material: clinical decision making related to contraindications for Theraplay
  • Working with caregiver’s attachment history in Theraplay treatment planning, feedback sessions and progress
  • Implementation of the parent demonstration session
  • Managing resistance throughout the treatment process
  • Managing countertransference in your work  with children and families
  • Role play and practice of activities

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe methods for overcoming parental resistance
  • Describe factors that influence the decision of whether to include parents in the treatment session
  • Demonstrate how to use a wider range of Theraplay activities and techniques
  • Describe how to adapt Theraplay, a modality of play Theraplay,  to work with a wider range of populations, such as children with autism and older children
  • Describe strategies for dealing with resistant clients

Day 3: Adapting Theraplay to Work with Trauma and Complex Families

If you work with children who have been traumatised, have attachment disorders or complex families we highly recommend that you attend this program.  It will help you sensitively adapt Theraplay to work with this population.

  • Developmental trauma and Theraplay: Clinical decision making
  • Adaptation of activities for clients and families impacted by trauma
  • Engaging caregivers with their own trauma history in treatment process
  • Integration of Theraplay with other modalities to meet the needs of children and families
  • Adaptation of activities for different populations

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the concept of complex trauma
  • Describe three modifications to Theraplay, a modality of play therapy, to meet the needs of traumatised children
  • Assess when to use Theraplay in the overall treatment course of a client.
  • Describe how to adapt treatment to meet the needs of parents who themselves may be traumatised

Participants must attend all hours of the course to receive the certificate.

Audience: for Education and Mental Health Professionals at All Levels & Any Professional that Applies Behavioural & Developmental Science to their Practice. Prior completion of Theraplay Level 2 & MIM is a prerequisite.

Mental Health Professionals: All mental health professionals including, but not limited to Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Youth Workers, Mental Health Workers, Family Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Residential Care Workers and Foster Support Worker, Play Therapists, and all other mental health professionals looking to enhance their therapeutic skill with early childhood.

Education Professionals: Professionals who work with children or youth including, but not limited to K–12 School Counsellors, School Paraprofessionals and all other professionals who support behavioural challenges and complex learning needs.


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