Angry Kids, Angry Parents

Understanding and Working with Anger in Your Family


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Psychologists Anne Hilde VassbO Hagen and Joanne Dolhanty explain everything you need to know about your child's anger and how to manage it. Anger can be normal and healthy when it enables us to stand up for ourselves and defend against injustice. However, it can also lead to aggression-even violence-while also hiding other, more vulnerable emotions. For instance, an angry child may be hiding embarrassment, shame, disappointment, sadness, loneliness, or fear. As a parent, it is your job to help your child understand their anger, express it in an appropriate way, and address the underlying need. In this book, you will learn how to respond to your child's anger in a sensitive and productive way that validates their feelings, addresses their needs, and teaches them to manage their own anger. It can be nerve-wracking to watch your child explode in rage, so the book will also teach you how to stay calm and protect your boundaries. Supported by years of psychological research and therapeutic practice, the strategies in this practical, compassionate book will help any parent who struggles with their child's anger.


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