Building Sensorimotor Systems in Children with Developmental Trauma

A Model for Practice


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Babies and young children who have experienced early adversity miss out on good, nurturing relationships, and the sensorimotor development that goes along with them. Their bodies therefore lack a solid foundation for sensory integration. 

This book lays out a practice model - the Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS) model - to help identify and assess whether these gaps are present in a child's sensorimotor systems. It also advocates the potential of rebuilding the gaps in these systems - using games and activities that take place within loving parent-child relationships - to offer the child a healthy, attuned base from which to develop sensorimotor skills. Also included is a section on parents' experiences of using these activities with their children. 

With a positive view of approaching sensorimotor underdevelopment, these strategies and case studies all demonstrate that, with the right kind of attention, these children's systems can be rebuilt.


MediumPbk | 272
AuthorSarah Lloyd


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