Success with Sensory Supports

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The ultimate guide to using sensory diets, movement breaks, and sensory circuits at school


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Sensory needs are being recognised as a vital part of learning, development and engagement within the classroom and are being used more often to make education both accessible and fun. To harness the full potential of sensory supports, using these strategies correctly is key! This is the essential guide to using sensory strategies successfully with school children, from occupational therapist, Kim Griffin, who has 20 years of experience supporting sensory needs. As you make your way through the book, you will be joined by Isla and Noah, two children whose stories will help illustrate how information in the book can be used practically. In addition, the book includes personal anecdotes from Kim, links to further reading, reflective questions and teacher perspectives to show how a teacher might use the information in the classroom. These features will help you easily identify sensory needs and use sensory tools effectively.


MediumPbk | 176 pages
AuthorKim Griffin


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