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A healing tool for identifying, discussing and easing shame

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Exploring Shame

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A healing tool for identifying, discussing and easing shame


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Shame is a common emotion associated with trauma, disempowerment, mental illness and exclusion. However, many of us struggle to talk about the feeling directly.

Exploring Shame is an evocative collection of 30 photo-based cards created to gently name, unpack and process feelings of shame. Each card helps participants recognise the emotion and find a pathway for healing through constructive, safe and respectful conversations.

Topics include addiction, honesty, body, culture, fairness, forgiveness, relationships and hope – providing a range of prompts that address multiple experiences.

The cards are easy to use and versatile, making them the perfect resource for counsellors, social workers, psychologists, teachers and parents engaging with adults and young people. The toolkit is suitable in one-on-one therapeutic conversations, groups and classrooms.


Medium30 Cards
AuthorMichael Derby with Sue King-Smith and Karen Bedford