Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself

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Boy built a wall to keep himself safe. Behind it he felt strong and more protected. Then Someone Kind came along. She bounced a ball, sang and painted on the other side of the wall, and Boy began to wonder if life on the other side might be better after all. Written for children aged 4 to 9, this gentle full-colour picture book uses a simple metaphor to explain how children who have had painful or traumatic experiences can build barriers between themselves and other people. It will help children explore their feelings and encourage communication.

This remarkable picture book should be winning prizes for both its textual simplicity and the innovative and quite beautiful art work. For a child who has suffered emotional or physical abuse, it will be the kind of life-line that can provide true healing and a sense that the world can be a good place after all. An invaluable resource for those dealing with damaged children.


MediumHbk | 32 pages
AuthorAli Redford


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