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Cleo the Crocodile's New Home

New Release

A Story to Help Kids After Trauma


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Amongst the beauty of the Okavango delta in Botswana, Cleo the Crocodile loved having fun with all of his animal friends. That is, until one day Hogan the Hippo, who was supposed to look after Cleo, started to act mean and hurt him. To keep safe, Cleo has to leave the swamp to find a new home - he's scared and snaps and snarls to keep the other animals away from him so that they can't hurt him like Hogan did. How can Cleo find a new safe home and start to let others in?

This story has been written to help children aged 5-10 who have experienced trauma to begin conversations around big feelings around hurt, anger and trust.


MediumPbk | 40 Pages
AuthorDr Karen Treisman