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Ollie the Octopus and the Memory Treasures

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A Story to Help Kids After Loss or Bereavement


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In a magical underwater forest lived a colourful and loveable Octopus called Ollie, who loved swimming with his friends and spending time with his mum and dad, Orla and Orson the Octopuses. Until one day, when Orla started to get very sick. The doctors did everything they could to help her, but very sadly, Orla died. Ollie had so many thoughts and feelings spinning around in his head, and his heart was hurting -- what can Orson and Ollie's friends do to help? This story will help children aged 5-10 to understand big feelings relating to grief and bereavement and explores ways to stay connected to your loved one and to keep them in your heart and in your head.


MediumPbk | 60 Pages
Author Dr Karen Treisman