'I Can't Go to School!'

The School Non-Attender's Workbook


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If you think that going to school is tough - you're not wrong. It's difficult to do subjects you don't understand. Or be with people you don't feel comfortable around. Or to deal with the feelings you get when you think about going to school. Your parents and teachers might be having a hard time understanding why going to school is tricky for you. But don't worry, there are things you can do and there are things that other people can do to help you. By working through this book, we can explore some of the words you can use to get help and activities you can try that will make being at school feel better.. Whether you're working through this individually, or if your parents, teachers or therapist use the downloadable guides to go through this workbook with you - you'll soon discover what works best for you to get the most of learning and education!


MediumPbk | 128 Pages
AuthorSuzy Rowland


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