Integrative Theraplay® Approach for Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Communication and social skills are a key challenge for children on the autism spectrum, and a fundamental priority for care professionals to support their clients' progress. Using case studies and evidence-based advice, this book guides readers through an integrated Theraplay (R) approach to helping young people on the autism spectrum. The interventions emphasise interactivity and fun to help children build social and emotional skills through play. From using balloons to encourage eye contact to turn-taking play for fostering social awareness, each Theraplay (R) activity is tailored to support children on the autism spectrum and includes suggestions for further adaptations to suit each child's unique needs. Parents' and guardians' needs are also addressed in the context of Theraplay (R), examining common sources of frustration and providing advice on effective treatment plans. Officially supported by the Theraplay (R) Institute, this handbook guides readers towards a thoughtful, focused application of Theraplay (R) to support children on the autism spectrum.


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