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The Definitive Guide to Theraplay for Practitioners


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The Definitive Guide to Theraplay® for Practitioners, officially endorsed by the Theraplay® Institute 

Theraplay is an intervention that focuses on enhancing the connection, trust and joy between a child and a parent. It involves interactive, playful activities using simple faceto- face reciprocal interactions, and involves using all of the senses, including rhythm, movement and touch. 

This comprehensive guide outlines the theory, reflection, and skill development of the practitioner - the true power house of Theraplay. By maintaining a focus on practice throughout, embedding theory into practice examples, it brings the spirit of Theraplay to life. Part 1 covers the key principles of the intervention; Part 2 addresses Theraplay in Practice: how to use the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM), how to set up a room and choose activities and considerations for working with different client groups; Part 3 encourages the reader to engage in their own development and the stages involved; and Parts 4 and 5 provide a wealth of useful resources, checklists, handouts, sample sessions and an up-to-date list of Theraplay activities.

Whether you are a Theraplay practitioner, or simply want to find out how this remarkable intervention works, this book is essential reading.


Part One INTRODUCTION; 1. Introduction; 2. Theraplay General Principles; Part Two NUTS AND BOLTS; 3. Intake; 4. MIM; 5. Theraplay sessions: getting prepared; 6. Theraplay session with children; 7. Working with parents; 8. Complex parents; 9. Theraplay outtakes-what no one ever tells you; Part Three BECOMING A THERAPLAY PRACTITIONER; 10. Developmental phases; 11. Overcoming common barriers to practising Theraplay; 12. The Theraplay supervision process - A journey of a lifetime; 13. MIM assessment form completed example; 14. Dyadic session supervision form completed example; 15. Sample Phyllis Booth supervision feedback notes; 16. How do you know you've reached Foundational level: TTI session 8 guidelines; Part Four RESOURCES; 17. Sample session plans for various types of children; 18. What Lies Underneath a Parent's Defensive Statement; 19. Intake guidelines; 20. When should you talk about stuff in Theraplay?; 21. Example of combining approaches; 22. Thinking about sensory regulation and Theraplay; 23. What is Theraplay? A Brief Guide for Parents; 24. List of Theraplay activities; Glossary; References


MediumPbk | 392 pages
AuthorVivien Norris and Dafna Lender


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