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My Intense Emotions

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My Intense Emotions Handbook

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Manage Your Emotions and Connect Better with Others


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Relatable insights and practical strategies for navigating intense emotions as a teen or young person. Drawing on DBT techniques and stories from young people themselves, this guide will build resilience for coping with overwhelming feelings, so readers aged 14+ can have healthy relationships and tackle emotional challenges that come their way.

This is a guide to the emotional and interpersonal issues you may encounter as a young adult, packed with advice and real-life stories of hope and resilience from people in similar situations. This book will help you to gain an understanding of the influence of your early emotional experiences, and share tried-and-tested strategies, drawing on a range of psychological approaches and evidence-based strategies. This book also looks at how emotions can affect our relationships, with a focus on building empathy for others, getting what you want out of friendships and relationships and dealing with the hard parts like boundaries and saying no, making amends when needed, and recognising and breaking problematic relationship patterns. With personal stories and resources throughout, this is a guide to refer to as little or often as you like, helping you to understand your emotions and find the strategies that work best for you.

1. So, what's this book all about?

2. What's wrong with me?

3. Understanding your brain

4. Big emotions and relationships: Loving so much it hurts

5. Bottle, bottle, bang!

6. Getting the basics right: Feeling OK in your body

7. Self-soothing

8. Riding your emotions

9. Coping in a crisis

10. Being a wise owl 1

1. Understanding the minds of others

12. Saying no, and being assertive

13. Getting extra help

14. Self-care plan


MediumPbk | 224 pages
AuthorKnowles Sue; Gallagher Bridie; Bromley Hannah; Pidgen Em