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TrainerKaren Young (AUS)
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Brain-based Approaches to Whole-child Development from Infancy to Adolescence

Neuroscience is transforming our understanding of being human, from infancy through adolescence and into parenthood, leading to improved practice across all areas of child development and family support.  As the need for neuro-scientific knowledge amongst practitioners increases, its convergence with key approaches to attachment, trauma, and learning have seen watershed changes in how we understand and support optimal development, behaviour and social emotional wellbeing. This dynamic new workshop from the best selling author of Hey Warrior, shows how modern practitioners can synthesise the latest (often complex) neurodevelopment research into practical brain based approaches to treatment, education and parenting/ carer support.

Compelling research is supporting the need for practitioners and organisations to shift from older more inflexible behavioural and cognitive approaches to more integrated relational approaches that neuro-nurture young brains to dramatically influence the growth and healing of the developing brain to provide the foundations for a happy, successful life. Practitioners and organisations embracing neuro-nurturing practice see significant shifts in engagement as they begin to understand why correction without connection rarely works and how identifying individual neuro-developmental needs informs how and when to intervene no matter what the age.

Practitioners wanting to take a more compassionate, targeted and effective response when working with children and adolescents, will learn:

  • how the brain develops from infancy through childhood and adolescence; 
  • the needs of children according to their stage of neurodevelopment;
  • the importance of attachment in building the strong neural foundations for essential areas of development including the ability to form meaningful relationships, emotional regulation, self-control, empathy, independence, and resilience, and how to build healthy attachments;
  • how behaviours and skills are built in the brain and the simple explanation for young people that can build resilience and grit;
  • the essential foundations for learning;
  • neuroscientific explanations for challenging behaviour;
  • why many common behaviour management techniques don’t work, and what to do instead;
  • the impact of trauma on the developing brain;
  • how the brain changes during adolescence and how these affect mood, behaviour, friendships, relationships, sleep, motivation, self-concept, and decision-making;
  • understanding family conflict during adolescence through a neuroscientific lens, and how to strengthen relationships;
  • attachment and adolescence;
  • how to use our knowledge of the adolescent brain to forge stronger, more meaningful, more influential relationships with adolescents;
  • the adolescent brain and social media;
  • impulse control and risky behaviour during adolescence;
  • anxiety and the adolescent brain;
  • the impact of drugs and alcohol on the developing brain, and how to engage and empower young people towards healthier behaviour;
  • how addiction happens in the brain (including social media, screens, gaming) and how to explain addiction to young people in a way they will hear;
  • how resilience happens in the brain, and how this can be strengthened.

Karen Young founded the popular website, Hey Sigmund, attracting millions of readers each year worldwide and is author of the best selling, "Hey Warrior" book for young people with anxiety. She is a regular contributor to Parenting Magazine in New Zealand, and can often be heard on Australian radio and TV programs such as The Project and the ABC. Her articles have been translated into a numerous languages and her work has been published internationally on The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, The Mighty, and Yahoo Health. She is a sought-after international speaker selling out events from New York to Newcastle. She has authored four books including, "Dear You Love from Your Brain", which helps children discover more about their brain.  


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