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We are excited to announce that the fourth conference in 2024, will be a three-day event that will include a conference dinner and a day of masterclasses where delegates can spend dedicated time with national and international experts.

In 2024 the transitioning of the name of the conference from Trauma-Aware Schooling to Trauma-Aware Education broadens its focus to include early childhood education and care, the schooling years, and higher education. 

Trauma-aware education draws from various bodies of research, including neuroscience, describing and analysing the impact of complex trauma on developing young bodies and brains, to inform a more effective means to educate and support young learners who have lived through complex trauma. Trauma-aware education is also informed by findings from studies examining the longer-term health and mental health impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences. It is now understood that addressing the potential impacts of early adversity across the life course is critical if societies and systems are to address many of their health and welfare expenses and concerns.

Trauma-aware education aims to help educators develop ways of understanding, believing, planning, and acting so that the harm that trauma exerts on the function of learners Is minimised or alleviated.  It aims to improve education and life outcomes not only for trauma-impacted learners, but also for their classmates.  It also aims to enhance the personal and professional wellbeing of those adults working hard to deliver inclusive education programs.

We have listened to the feedback of our delegates from previous conferences to design an event that will be responsive to the diverse challenges faced by educators, education sites, and education systems whilst also providing ample opportunity for deepening our knowledge, having fun, great food, and exciting networking opportunities.

We are truly looking forward to having you join us at the Trauma-Aware Education conference in 2024!

The more people we can gather to learn together and to grow understandings and skills in this area, the more we can truly address the unfortunate impact of trauma on children and young people as well as those wonderful people working hard to educate them!

So, make sure to tell your friends and colleagues about the 2024 Trauma-Aware Education Conference!

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