Emotion Coaching (EC) is a universal communication strategy which supports children and young people to self-regulate and manage their stress responses. Based on research by American Psychologist John Gottman, Emotion Coaching uses moments of heightened emotion and resulting behaviour to guide and teach the child and young person about more effective responses. Through empathetic engagement the child's emotional state is verbally acknowledged and validated, promoting a sense of security and feeling 'felt'.  This activates changes in the child's neurological system and allows the child to calm down, physiologically and psychologically. Emotion Coaching has been shown to be highly successful in educational and community settings. Each training course covers:

  • Critical overview of recent neuroscientific evidence on how best to support children and young people’s self-regulation
  • Insights into the stress-response and social engagement systems, attachment and the foundations for emotional regulation, positive behaviour and well-being
  • Research for evidence-based Emotion Coaching practice
  • Practical exercises and skill development in Emotion Coaching techniques

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Emotion Coaching


  • 6 May 2024
  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Rydges Adelaide, 1 South Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000

In everyday interactions with children and young people