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Attachment Style InterviewLiz SandersLisa Gardiner
TrainerLiz Sanders and Lisa Gardiner (AUS)
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Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space (Ainsworth, 1973; Bowlby, 1969).  Attachment theory explains how the primary carer-child relationship emerges and influences subsequent emotional and physiological development. This has been shown to be universal across cultures.

A child’s initial relationship with their primary carer acts as a blueprint for future relationships and provides the infant with an internalised model of themselves and others. Developing a secure attachment enables the child to experience him or herself as loveable and to cultivate a belief about others that they are trustworthy. However, when a caregiver is emotionally or physically unavailable or responds inconsistently the child can then internalise a very different story and, as a consequence, struggle to form healthy, meaningful relationships, either pushing people away or becoming clingy and overdependent.

The Attachment Style Interview (ASI) is an evidence based instrument, that enhances practitioners’ understanding of family dynamics and of the capacity of caregivers to develop meaningful strategies in promoting resilience. Designed by Professor Antonia Bifulco and her team at the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies at Middlesex University, the ASI  has been used extensively in research studies to examine psychosocial risks for mental health problems. Its reliability and validity is established among researchers (including several cross-cultural studies) and moderate and markedly insecure attachment styles have been shown to be associated with depression and social factors such as poor support, low self-esteem and early adverse childhood experience. This short presentation will cover:

An introduction to attachment Styles:

  • What are they 
  • What do they tell us about adult parenting 
  • Their importance in determining parenting capacity and family and environmental factors in relation to fostering/adoption, reunification  and child protection

Assessing Attachment Style:

  • Attachment Style Interview (ASI)
    • strengths, resilience and risks in individuals
    • the couple relationship
    • the support system that underpins families with children who have experienced trauma, neglect  and/or abuse
  • How understanding the Attachment Style of your clients can be used in your work to determine strategies that promote resilience and stability in families

90 min presentation followed by Q+A. 

Presented by Liz Sanders and Lisa Gardiner

All proceeds from this lecture go to support Little Stars Kids creating a better life for kids in foster care.


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