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Jackie Bateman is a narrative therapist and solution focused practitioner, international trainer, consultant and author. She previously worked as a social worker in child protection, and then youth offending before joining Barnardo's (UK) in 2002 as a practitioner and Children’s Service Manager for The Junction, a service which works with children and young people whose behaviour is sexually concerning/harmful and their families. Jackie currently works for South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA) in Melbourne. She has co-authored two books Working with Children and Teenagers Using Solution-Focused Approaches and Children and Young People Whose Behaviour is Sexually Concerning or Harmful.

Inspirational and charismatic, Jackie’s vast knowledge in this area, combined with her interactive, humourous and engaging teaching style and thoughtful use of case study material has made her a popular speaker.



Narrative Therapy Training

The workshop invites participants to explore their clients' stories and to find significance in events often neglected, to find sparkling actions that are often discounted, and to find solutions to problems and predicaments in unexpected places. Participants are introduced to the techniques of Narrative practice. Easy-to-understand examples and exercises demonstrate how these ideas have helped many people overcome intense hardship. The workshop outlines practical strategies to help clients reclaim and celebrate their experiences in the face of specific challenges such as abuse, personal failure, grief, and domestic violence. Learn more

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

More than any other challenging behaviour, the sexual abuse of one child by another generates anxiety, puzzlement and confusion. Professionals confident in dealing with defiant or delinquent children find their confidence leaves them when confronted with sexual misbehaviour in children who they expect to be asexual. The workshop introduces the audience to the practical application of a strengths based approach to safety assessments with a particular emphasis on narrative and solution focused therapy and the Signs of Safety Model (Turnell &Edwards 1999). The workshop will discuss how these approaches can be applied in developing a language to support the young person and their families/caregivers in talking about the sexually concerning or harmful behaviour, safety planning, responsibility taking, assessing levels of safety and working with denial.

The workshop provides guidance for working across a range of settings - whether directly with families, in schools or with children with learning difficulties. This practical workshop will be an essential tool for social workers, counsellors, teachers, nurses and any professional with responsibility for child protection.

The issues explored are:

1. Developing safety through strengths and solution talk.

2. Assessing risk and building safety.

3. Conversations with young people about their behaviour.

4. Working with denial.

4. Working within the context of the family.

5. Working with young people with learning needs.

6. Working within the context of the school environment.




"This provided me with everything that I wanted and much much more.  The content was delivered in a way that was well paced, informative and provided practice."

School Leader

“I learnt the power this approach can have in enabling the client resolve their own problems”

Counsellor, Domestic Violence

"You are brilliant at communicating information and you have a real depth of experience and knowledge to pass on.  Your presentations are not only practical and based on your experiences with clients, but you bring theory and research into your talks and assist the students in being able to connect those dots.  Your work is well referenced, well thought through and gives a real message of empathy, commitment and wisdom in the work that can be done with the clients you work with"

Psychologist, Child Safety

"Jackie was a fanastic presenter.  Very knowledgeable and had brilliant examples.  I feel more confident and can take tools and strategies into my practice after this workshop."

Social Worker

"I really enjoyed the practical activities and thought there was a good mix with the theory behind the exercise. Jackie is very engaging and gave good examples of how to apply the learnings in my workplace and examples of real practice"

Senior Quality Practice Advisor

"Really good grounding in strengths based narrative - to resume objectivity in these skills.  I liked the way in which sexually harmful behaviours was integrated with the tools as this was practical and sets up for transference into the practical context."

Child and Youth Mental Health Worker

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