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James Driver

James Driver

Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

Gaming Addiction | Cyber Addiction


Gaming Addiction from an Actual Gamer!

James is a registered psychotherapist and former gaming addict. His interest in the topic stems from a period of pretty intense gaming addiction as a teenager. At the worst of it, he was spending up to 16 hours per day playing online games and as a consequence failed out of University and created a lot of problems for himself and his family. Fortunately he was eventually able to manage and moderate my gaming and get his life back on track.

He completed his Master’s research into gaming addiction and has extensive experience treating gaming addiction in private practice and within NGOs. James has over ten years experience as a trainer/facilitator. He originally provided training on strategy development to senior executives in the United Kingdom before retraining as a psychotherapist. This unique skill set combined with his own lived experience of gaming addiction ensures his training interactive, stimulating and insightful.



“Being an expert in this area and being able to provide such comprehensive information in such a relatable and interesting way is the hallmark of a great presenter who really knows his subject. I could not recommend James highly enough as a professional, as a presenter and as a person.”

Youth AOD Co-Ordinator

- Bay of Plenty , NEW ZEALAND



With increasing recognition of gaming addiction as a mental health condition and growing numbers of young people affected by it, it is critical to understand the psychological factors that lead them to play games excessively or addictively. Learn to identify some of the signs and symptoms of gaming addiction, some of the key risk factors that are particularly significant in relation to young people and ways to better prevent and manage problematic gaming. This one-day training will bring you fully up to date with the state of gaming, gamer culture and gaming addiction treatment through a highly engaging and interactive training program. After completing this training you will be able to:

- How to assess for and identify problematic or addictive gaming

- The key psychological drivers that create and perpetuate gaming addiction

 - A deep understanding of the physical, psychological and social impacts of gaming addiction

- The latest research around gaming and gaming addiction, which will help you to separate issues of real concern from those the 'moral panic' around technology use

- An understanding of how to talk with both adult and adolescent clients about gaming

- Ways of uncovering the meaning that gaming has for clients, and the specific factors that cause it to be a problem for them

- Ways of helping people overcome gaming addiction

- Ways of working with parents and significant others when they have a family member experiencing gaming addiction

- Ways of ensuring that clients feel heard, supported and encouraged to make changes when working with gaming addiction

This topic can be presented as a conference keynote or workshop to professionals, parents and young people.


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