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Simon Santosha

Simon Santosha


Men's Mental Health | Relationships | Fatherhood


Thought provoking and engaging

Simon Santosha is a highly qualified and experienced clinical social worker and counsellor, who has specialist expertise in working with men who are experiencing personal, family or relationship issues. His diverse counselling experience has allowed Simon to develop a unique set of therapeutic skills that are highly sought after throughout Australia. Over the past 20 years, Simon has worked in family and crisis support agencies working directly with men, couples and families who were experiencing difficult times in their relationships. He is passionate about helping men and their families find more effective and positive solutions. He is a strong advocate for male-focused programs and support services and has delivered professional development training to a range of community welfare and support agencies throughout Australia. He has also developed and facilitated group programs for men dealing with co-parenting after separation and helping them to adjust to relationship and family changes. Simon’s expertise in men and family relationships has seen him repeatedly called upon to talk on a range of social and family issues including suicide prevention, men’s health and wellbeing, transitions from boy to manhood, fathering and co-parenting after separation.

Simon is an engaging and dynamic speaker on men’s issues. His ability to inspire and motivate people to think differently, challenge their thoughts and behaviours and encourage debate has made him a popular and sought after public speaker and media commentator.



“Loved this workshop. The best PD I’ve been to.”

“It was fantastic. My work and professional development was greatly improved. Your knowledge and wisdom shined throughout the whole day”

“Thank you for an amazing workshop. All tools and info was well presented and practical to integrate into my practice”

“The insight I gained will be very useful for the fathers that I work with”

“Engaging, skilled and experienced presenter – great narratives, practical exercises and strategies as to how to use in practice”

“Great workshop – very relevant and useful. A good mix of theory, practical skills, metaphors and thought provoking concepts”

“There was a thoughtful progression from theory to practice with all aspects relevant and current. I built skills on how to engage men in family separation in ways that support them and foster a working relationship”



BEHIND THE MASK: Working with "Difficult" Men

Men often present to family support services during a crisis period in their lives and as a result can display behaviours that appear pushy, demanding, erratic or aggressive. For both the client and practitioner, this can create unique challenges.

This workshop will draw from the latest research to help practitioners become aware of the long-term effect of men’s early attachment relationships and how they impact on the way men deal with stressful situations in their relationships and interact with support services. Using a trauma informed strength-based approach, this one-day workshop will provide participants with practical strategies and tools when working with men in emotionally charged situations. Participants will learn how to build trust, create better relationships and therefore facilitate more effective outcomes for men and their families.

The workshop will focus on:

- The deficit and non-deficit approaches to working with men and why a ‘non-deficit approach is so effective.

- Attachment, trauma, neuroscience and gender socialisation  – how all of these factors affect men’s behaviours and relationships.

- A model of interpersonal conflict .

- Practical interventions when working with men with histories of attachment trauma.

- Interventions for practitioners (self-care).

*Please note this workshop is not designed to address domestic violence, behaviour change issues.


Research shows that most men do not initiate separation. Why is this and how do many men find themselves so disconnected from their wives/partners, children and themselves?

This workshop will explore the complexities of male interpersonal relationships and how masculine socialisation, attachment, trauma and gender differences impact on men who are dealing with separation, divorce and co-parenting. Engaging and supporting separated men and fathers during this highly emotive and often conflictual time is imperative for the wellbeing of separated men/fathers, their ex-partners, children and families. Family relationship services play a crucial role. In fact, newly separated fathers are the single largest group of men who will seek out these services to help them. However, if they do not receive the help that they feel they need they will quickly disengage from the service and develop their own problem solving strategies.

This workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills to engage and work with separated fathers more effectively in their programs, services and groups. It will focus on:

• Examining male interpersonal relationships—insights from masculine psychology/neuroscience to understand why men do the things they do in intimate relationships during separation and divorce.

• Impact of men’s mental health/masculine depression on relationships.

• Dealing with grief and loss during separation and divorce. Understanding men’s reactive and/ or disconnecting behaviours and barriers to moving on and seeking help.

• Strength-based approaches when working with separated fathers—what are they and why they are so effective.

• Developing respectful co-parenting relationships and positive father-child relationships.

• Maximising the effectiveness of referral and support networks for separated fathers.

Topics can be delivered as a keynote or workshop (half-day to one day), and can be tailored to your audience.

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