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How to Build Relationships and Enable Change

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Inspiring and Creative Ideas for Working With Children

How to Build Relationships and Enable Change


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Employing a range of innovative and creative ideas, this book is full of tips to engage children and promote their wellbeing. Children are vulnerable to low self-esteem, stress and anxiety because they are still growing and learning. This book looks at what we can do to minimise children's vulnerability to issues such as these, help them to build emotional resilience and teach them effective strategies for dealing with life's ups and downs. The book offers a host of different approaches that adults can use with children, including image-making, storytelling and puppetry. Chapters are brought to life with the voices of parents and professionals describing how these techniques worked for them. They also include guidance on how the principles can be used by professionals in the home, in schools or in therapeutic settings.


MediumPbk | 120 Pages
Author Deborah M. Plummer