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Promoting Attachment with a Wiggle, Giggle, Hug and Tickle

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Promoting Attachment With a Wiggle, Giggle, Hug and Tickle

A Programme for Babies, Young Children and Carers


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Practical and easy to use, this resource is for practitioners working in early years settings to help children aged 0-2 to develop attachments with their parent or carer. Designed to be flexible for one-to-one or group work, the resource features fun and engaging activities involving singing, movement and sensory activities in a structured but playful environment. It explains the significance of nurturing positive attachments in a child's early years, and equips practitioners with skills and techniques to help encourage bonding - particularly with those who might benefit from additional support such as vulnerable children and their carers and adoptive or foster families. The resource is accompanied by practical online materials - recorded songs to sing along with, and film clips demonstrating different signs for parents and carers to aid communication. This programme provides methods to help parents to become more attuned to the needs of their child, and will aid the child's emotional, social and cognitive development. With additional guidance on how to run the programme as a group, this resource is intended to be easy to understand and easy to use for any health, education or childcare practitioner in specialist and mainstream settings.


MediumPbk | 88 pages
AuthorFiona Brownlee , Lindsa Norris