Staying Connected with Your Teen

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Polyvagal Parenting Strategies to Reduce Reactivity, Set Limits, and Build Authentic Connection


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Powerful parenting strategies grounded in polyvagal theory to help you stay connected with your teen, reduce conflict, and set limits with love.

When it comes to your teen, do you feel like you're walking on eggshells? Do they lash out at you when you try to set limits, or stomp off to their room and slam the door at the slightest criticism? Welcome to the teen years! Emotions and hormones are running high, everything feels like a crisis, and you're lucky if you can get through the day without a fight. So, how can you stay connected, set limits, and keep the peace?

Grounded in cutting-edge polyvagal theory,  Staying Connected with Your Teen shines a light on why teens are so easily triggered, and offers nerve-calming strategies to minimise reactivity, nurture a stronger connection, and help you lovingly guide your teen on the path to adulthood. You'll also find skills to help you meet your teen where they are developmentally, and discover ways you can help them feel safe and loved--even when you are having disagreements. Trust is at the heart of the bond between parents and teens. This book will help you strengthen that trust and create a peaceful atmosphere where expectations are better communicated.


MediumPbk | 192 Pages
AuthorYshai Boussi


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