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Tell a Trusted Parent - Lesson Plans

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Tell a Trusted Adult - 10 Lesson Plans

Ten highly-interactive lesson plans for creating conversations and learning about safety using the Tell A Trusted Adult card set.


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This ten week program is designed to be used with one or more packs of the Tell A Trusted Adult cards. In Australia a school term consists of ten weeks, so this program can be delivered weekly throughout a term.
The key message of this program is: ‘Tell a trusted adult’. As such, the lessons focus on teaching children to:
– recognise the warning signs of unsafety
– understand their bodies and emotions
– recognise the body signals that let them know they are safe or unsafe
– build awareness about the difference between feeling excited or challenged and feeling unsafe
– develop strategies for getting help (including telling a trusted adult)
– identify the personal qualities and traits of a trusted adult
– establish a network of trusted adults.

Each lesson includes variations for children aged from 3 to 10+. While these lessons have been created especially for a classroom environment, they can be adapted for other settings including family work, out-of-home care, and anywhere children are nurtured and cared for. Please feel free to adapt these lessons to suit your individual classroom, group and setting.