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An Evidence-based Intervention Approach

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The Psychological Resilience Treatment Manual


An Evidence-based Intervention Approach


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The Psychological Resilience Treatment Manual (PRTM) provides mental health professionals with an evidence-based guide to psychological resilience treatment designed to equip clients with a toolbox of adaptive coping strategies.

This intervention treatment manual is for practitioners working with clients to develop resilience and the skills they need to cope with daily challenges, reduce stress levels, and increase general well-being without necessarily diagnosing a specific disorder, such as anxiety or depression. The manual is structured around four guided intervention modules: Passive Coping, Self-Care Behaviour, Social Support, and Active Coping. Each module encompasses four one-hour sessions and includes a contents framework, overview, and target objectives for each session. The manual includes 16 client worksheets that correspond to each session, and relapse prevention therapy is incorporated at the end of each module. Flexible in nature, the manual can be used by practitioners in its entirety or modules can be selected as appropriate, depending on a client's needs.

The Psychological Resilience Treatment Manual is an essential resource for qualified and registered psychologists, qualified cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) practitioners, psychiatrists, and postgraduate counselling psychology students.


MediumPbk | 134 Pages
AuthorSaralla Chettiar and Ian de Terte