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Transforming Behaviour in the Classroom

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Transforming Behaviour in the Classroom


A Solution-Focused Guide for New Teachers


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Being able to effectively manage the behaviour in your classroom is one of the basic foundations of good teaching. However creating a positive productive learning environment is challenging as the causes of behavioural issues can be complex and difficult to identify. 
This book presents a solution-focused approach to behaviour management in primary and secondary schools, starting with the child and offering a flexible methodology and practical strategies for facilitating long-term positive behaviour. 

Key coverage includes: An overview of main approaches to behaviour management drawing from educational theory and research; Case studies throughout the book exploring key strategies and issues; How to develop confidence in the classroom as a new teacher; Neuroscience and behaviour: what can we learn from recent scientific discoveries?


  • What do we mean by behaviour?
  • Becoming the best teacher you can be
  • Developing confidence in practice
  • Making sense of behaviour problems
  • Being solution focused in school
  • Motivation and changing behaviour
  • Talking about pedagogy
  • Changing habits and changing thinking
  • The practical work of changing behaviour


MediumPbk | 176 pages
AuthorGeoff James