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Gender Fairness

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Gender Fairness

Conversations about equity


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Gender is a core part of our identity. It shapes our aspirations, our social interactions, our understanding about what our life is about. We assume roles in our relationships based on what we have learned about women and men, mothers and fathers, female and male. 

Managers and CEOs: Shift cultures of gender unfairness by clearly naming and respectfully challenging the issues.

Teachers: Use Gender Fairness with students to prompt conversations about traditions, social structures, cultural differences, and how fairness and equity play out in contemporary society.

Social workers and health practitioners: Provide a novel window into good practice by introducing the cards at meetings or supervision. How does gender influence your practice? How does gender inequality impact on your clients?

Talking about gender can be challenging. It can also be exciting, inspiring and a catalyst for change that benefits everyone.

The 24 Gender Fairness cards are designed to open rich conversations about gender roles and fairness. Developed for use across a wide range of settings, these appealing cards invite us to explore gender fairness in a safe, curious and respectful way to create shared learning for teams, organisations, schools, businesses and communities.

Each Gender Fairness card features:

  • an important topic such as ‘Social Messages’, ‘Sexualisation’ or ‘Role Models’
  • a key principle of fairness
  • a cartoon in the rich tradition of social commentary
  • 3 important questions to get conversations rolling.

Highly accessible and gently provocative, Gender Fairness can be used to

deepen understandings about how gender unfairness limits opportunities and creates power imbalances
understand the connection with family violence.

Whether you’re a manager, trainer, teacher, social worker or corporate leader, Gender Fairness is a unique resource for developing an inspiring vision for gender equity that benefits everyone.


Medium24 full-colour, laminated cards 210mm x 100mm